Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Link-Up {9•21•14}

A bunting of grace and beauty bits gathered throughout this week and
strung up in a bunting for you to enjoy... Happy Sunday afternoon!

The Library...
 with its endless rows of books, quiet hush, aged-paper aromas, and secluded reading nooks; 
one of my favorite places on earth. 
any library.  anywhere. 
To walk in, pull out a classic, read a few well-known lines just because; 
just to greet those favorite words like old friends in this place of many words-
these are the obsessions of a book-lover. 


Are you a chaser of the light? 
Does it call you like it calls me? run barefoot out the front door onto cold bricks,
pj-clad and ready to capture those unfurling rays as they creep over and onto all in their path. Morning overtaking night, quietly powerful!!
There is a soul thing that happens, a glory tasting,
when one chases the light, as the words and photos in this post beautifully capture. 


I loved this testimony for its simple beauty shed abroad in words and pictures
that give voice to God's resurrecting light shed abroad in the author's heart! 


I will forever appreciate the way my upbringing equipped me with an ability and ease in studying the Bible's original languages.
I know my way around Strong's Concordance like the back of my hand, and value it's benefit,
but as a "recovering study legalist", I'm loving- absolutely loving-the freedom to study and receive the Spirit's use of the Word independent of, and sometimes inclusive of, Greek and Hebrew study. 


A mug of hot steaming, soul-warming, heart-goodness from my favorite barista,
Bonnie Gray over on her blog where she regularly serves up
"faith shots" and "soul mochas" of the best sort. 
I needed her insight, her directive to make my own {I choose} list.
It fed me on clarity and peace. 
Perhaps you will too... 

And because I cannot get enough of the wisdom flowing from...

Check this out:
"I knew the request was unrealistic. My brain cued all the right signals for my mouth to say no. But somewhere between the sinking feeling in my heart of how this would affect my relationship with this person and the pressure of her expectations for me to agree to her request, I blurted out, “Yes, of course!”
I said yes when I absolutely, positively knew I should say no!"Lysa Terkeurst isn't the only one who has experienced this struggle to protect our best yes...
Read the full article for 10 helpful ways to say No when you feel pressured to say Yes. 
Steve and I talk regularly about a shared dream to participate in a church plant.
I do not know if God will one day give us to walk in that particular path, 
but I eagerly swallow up the writings of Christine Hoover, author of several books including,
as well as her blog, "Grace Covers Me".
Her post here recounting God's faithfulness
only fuels my desire and prayer 

for God's multiplying work to run beyond borders with Steve and I!

She said this:
"I have this crazy idea that if the Church—the Body of Christ—could figure this out and stop building walls and holding grudges and let the world see a new kind of extravagant love, we might actually be able to speak truth to power and let God set a table of grace, even in the presence of those who see things differently than we do. 

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