Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Friday {{a day for counting}}9•26•14

Dear Friday...

As your title, mere words, take shape here on my screen, and in closer places, across my heart,
I wonder anew at Abba's faithfulness. 
The God of all comfort who has firmly held my soul and marvelously revealed Himself 
in each of the days which have pounded themselves out since you were last welcomed in this place. 

It's a slow-burning glory when God awakens new light in a soul.
An unfolding to reach up and over, curling shafts of flaming color around the dark variances of a horizon's view.  This dawn of illuminating fire. 
Light penetrating, absorbing, transforming familiar and mundane outlines into the elements of extreme majesty. 
This light shed abroad....always most glorious just before it's full-rise. 
This love so extreme, always most beautiful in it's casting out of a soul's gray shadows.

Do I know the grace I hold? 
Can I really fathom the moving mercy which allows these fingers to type, 
this brain to craft letters into words, 
this soul to pour forth and express {albeit quite brokenly} the steadfast and never-forsaking love that floods each moment of my existence? 
Can I even imagine the glory I regularly taste and worship?
If I could, how would I find words to adequately express and reflect that which has ravished my heart and forever changed my name?

I can't.  There aren't, and yet I type.  
I greet you, Friday with your built-in call to identify, gather, and delight in the myriad treasures that have lined my path, filled my heart, hands, and soul...


~ The gray-puddled day when doors of expectation thudded shut and preparation appeared fruitless in it's effort.  
The day that my whispered prayers over a scrubbing toilet brush brought answers severe in mercy but perfectly matched to my need.  
A day that stripped down and exposed heart layers bare to the healing balm of Abba's gentle dealings.  
Faith built, Steadfast love resounding even as disappointment fell hot and wet from human eyes. 
The grace-sisters that chimed in with compassionate hope, 
the tender holding close of a husband's comforting lead, 
the soothe of Living Word reaching and meeting me with profound courage.  
All a soul-satisfying feast of grace that only the hard of the day could have supplied. 
On that day, I was asked a question of most beautiful rhetorical nature...

~ Recognition of Autumn's sure arrival in spotting two beautiful blue jays clad in their royal hues and busy at work in a nearbye fir tree. 
The profound consistency of the season's rhythms coupled with the never-tiring joy my soul reaps from welcoming each unique exposition of His glory revealed. 
His nature never waning, unchanging, always faithful, full of glory! 

~ The soul-rest reaped in slowing to lean into and feed on scripture with grace-sisters.
Though with individual backgrounds and struggle, finding an unwavering confidence and shared fellowship as the Seal upon our hearts links our minds around His truth together. The Bond of faith guaranteed is rich. 

~ The fun of littles.  Big brothers decked out in adventure gear leading their devoted damsel through the wiles of prairie exploring. 
Her proud report later revealing how their brotherly counsel ignited her first bush-side restroom attempt. 
True to adventure living, the experience was survived with minimal distress and minor exposure and only a slight wardrobe malfunction.
Giggles were fought as I exhorted the usefulness of this experience towards possible African mission trips {and exclusively so}. 

~ Setting out with girlie in tow to fill the empty spaces her Fall and Winter wardrobe held, only to receive lavish provision of sweet and pretty beyond what was needed. 
Helping her to see that she shares the same Beautifying Provider as do the most spectacular flowers in all of creation, and how much more does He care for her soul!!

~A friend's gentle sneak up to leave love on our front stoop, a bounty of fresh garden harvest just because she loves Jesus and He loves through her big. 
Grace undeserved delivered through the hands of my veggie-bearing grace-sister. 

~ Cheers filling the room as six loved ones eagerly bit into cupcakes to reveal.... centers!!!
The Daddy, Momma, big brother and sisters all honoring us to share in precious moments of discovery.... a little boy child, planned in the perfect foreknowledge of Abba, now safely knit together in my dear sister's womb.... anticipated and eagerly awaited by so many who pray now for his salvation and Kingdom-call.
How deep is Abba's love for people that He continues to create and send more of them into this place for us to love, serve and meet with the gospel!!!


"Proof Texts" {an appendix found in the final pages of "Proof" which outlines scripture passages for each of Proof's profound exposition on Calvin's five points.}
I have taken one point each morning this week and meditated slowly through the passages, journaling prayerful response. Not typically a fan of the topical approach, I found this such an affirming avenue of communion with Abba. 

I've been like an excited 7yr old on her birthday who wants to hear again the story of the day she was born, pouring over the pictures and asking for the memories displayed in God's planning, resurrecting, outrageous, overcoming and forever grace to me!
{click image for details}

I mentioned this book last week, and do so again....
Every believer should read this book.

If you aren't a Calvanist {or like I was, aren't quite sure what all that means or entails and have left it to "the theologians" {hint: we're all theologians technically}}, you will be a theologian and quite possibly a Calvanist {but without the tulip} after reading chapter 7, "Living Proof"! 
Don't let my theological jargon lead you to believe that this book is anything but absolutely accessible and fun to read. The kind of fun where your heart gets stirred up with the gospel into a frothy whip of joyful worship. 
This book seriously starts out grand and only intensifies in displaying the intoxicating joy of irresistible grace! 


~The overnight changes as chloroform begins it's trunk-bound journey, leaving behind leaves bright with death's onset. Their hues intensify daily, tree-lines and fields coming alive in color even as creation prepares for it's Winter sleep. 

~ Comfort.  Rich, sweet, always-enough. More than enough and full.
Otherwise unknown except for the hard that makes it's way clear straight to the filling of my heart.

~ The cherry pie that a little golden-haired garden fairy left on our deck table... Her image-bearing so sweet in its nurturing creativity! 


"Take My Hand" by Lindsay McCaul

I have absolutely loved discovering the music of Indelible Grace this week; 
a music ministry which sets the lyrics of the beautiful old hymns to vibrant new tunes.
If you enjoy this song, 
"arise my soul arise"
make sure to check out their other music as well.

Sandra is also a new artist to my playlist.
I love the way this music video portrays a slow-burning sunrise in highlight of the scriptural lyrics she is singing.


Oh I'm almost to burst over sharing this fun with you grace-friends in this place. 
(In)courage has gone live with an amazing new product! Wood. Pressed. Letters.
Wait until you see how they attach in the back giving you complete flexibility in how you display; hang a whole word with two nails, or connect to stand on your mantle/bookshelf.... 
The options are limitless! 
Planning and praying over a word for each child... 
Check it out here: String out words for your eyes and hearts. 

~Family Night. The Friday evenings that fall between our small group meetings have become reserved for intentional family time.The kids spend all of our dinner conversation last night discussing and planning for some cozy relaxation just us five.
I love to put their ideas on paper and then make them happen, adding my own little touches of surprise along the way.


On this:

And this:

And wanting this more than anything!

What about you dear Grace-friend in this place? 
How is the slow-burn of God's glory unfurling it'self across the horizon 
of your life and walk?

How can you identify, gather, and delight in the myriad treasures 
that have lined your path, filled your heart, hands, and soul...

Please type out some words here in this place, 
a comment of testimony to at least one grace you are stewarding today... 

Know my heart's welcome to hear from your's!

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