Thursday, September 18, 2014

{Soul Words for When It Seems Slow}

"Mom! Can I please run out there? Please, I need to take a picture of that." 
He pointed urgently through the panels of glass housed in white trim that line the West side of our kitchen and great room.  

Those same panels that I had wiped at ferociously just a few hours earlier. 
Someone was coming the next day to walk through our house. 

There is a large wooden sign out front that tells them they can do this.  
It also tells them that our house could be their next home, if they want it. 
We want them to want it even as we love living in this house.  
We are taking our home to a different set of four-walls-under-roof; a different house.
I do not know where, but we know to be ready. 

So I had scrubbed those windows shiny.  I wondered if they would see? 
Would they see and imagine the beautiful sunsets that frame themselves through these windows? 
As they walked through and considered the size of the rooms, the colors of the granite, the height of the ceilings, would they see the way glory pours into this space from the front and back?

I was so busy hoping they would see. 
But did I see? 
Did I see the glory spilling out into my waiting? 
Did I see the here that was still for me to rest in? 

He came asking, and I saw. 

I put down the veggies I was prepping, dinner could wait.
I put aside my wondering and hoping and frantic cleaning.
There was glory to be had, to be savored and enjoyed.
We grabbed our cameras and went together to capture it.

There is a sign that tells people they may come and buy.
That same sign tells me I will leave sooner than we had thought. 
But the glory is still here, and it is our's to enter into.
It will be there in the next home, wherever and whenever that is.

And there is a young boy who called me to come and see and be filled. 

Because He knows our waiting long,
and hoping hard. 
Because He knows what slow feels like 
and that we feel it strong. 
He tells us to stay in the fray, lean in, press on.
See the glory. Write it down.
His best WILL COME 
Habakkuk2 #MSG

What about you, Dear Reader in this place?
What is your wait? Your Slow?
I welcome you to share here that I might pray for you as I walk alongside you.
Do you see the glory pouring in to your hope?
Write it down, lean in and press on.
{right on time} is on the horizon. 

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