Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Link Up {9•14•14}

It's a crisp and bright afternoon. 
Grab an afghan.
I'll brew some fresh coffee. 
Join me for bits of beauty and grace which have floated 
into and around my soul this week...
I've strung them together for you here. 
May they decorate your heart with a delicate bunting of joy and encouragement!

This post, which spoke beauty into cracked and sometimes bleeding places in my soul with a truth-balm that filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks, at the local sandwich shop where I awaited a friend. 
This faith-sister with her gifts of wisdom, brokenness and words, and I was filled to start whispering in my daughter's ear, in her little 4yr old ear....truth which can shatter dark! 

Listen to this and rejoice! Our hope is alive in Christ! 

Do you recall the experience of being a visitor? How much of that experience shapes what you do within your current church interactions?

Ever yearn for an older woman's spiritual mothering but wondered how to go about seeking it out? 

Yes me, who has always claimed complete lack of artist-skill. 
It's amazing the creativity craving that soul-healing has been launching up in my heart; surprising me and pushing me into new places of active rest and worship. 
Do any of you paint? Want to help me start? Or together, let's learn? 

And because the first tendrils of Autumn are whisping around here these past crisp days, bookmark this handy Fall Color Report. 

{if you are far, perhaps look up one similar in your area}
Keep an eye on your peak color times and plan for some personal or family  white space out in the vibrancy of God's glorious creation. 

Dear Reader in this place, Monday approaches with it's fullness, busy, calling, and pulling. 
May your soul lean hard into the rhythms of dependence and grace, 
fed richly through unhindered companionship with Abba. 
May you drink of His word and talk with Him about everything, all of the time. 
Look~See~Wonder~Be Astounded... 

Grace fills the horizon! 

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