Monday, September 29, 2014

Stooping To Reach {{a spiritual white space post}}

My bare feet rest on cool red bricks as I sit here on our front stoop.

My eyes glance along and follow the path of neatly laid, carfully planned, and purposefully placed rectangular cubes.
At their end, my sight is drawn up and through the framing archway to rest on sparkling pond waters across the road from our front yard. 

The Sun faces me in his rising course.  
His rays praising the Lord without end. My heart echos.
"The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance." Ps16:6

It's being carved out here this morning; this lingering, unhindered time in unbroken companionship within my Abba's presence. 
I did not have to drive far, or pay a dime to carve out this space, this time, this beauty of soul-rest. 
It was simple. He called. He drew me through my own front door to be close to the glory placed right in front of me. 

This space of brick and stone.  This place that carries the feet of family and friends up to our door and into our home.  
This place of mundane functionality and, somewhat understated purpose.
His Spirit teaching me to gather the things of our communing and sit a while with him on this slab of formed concrete we call a stoop.

That term of this place is not lost on my heart. 
Stoop; "To bend oneself forward and downward, often to reach..."
One word, five letters, infinite meaning and truth. 
Is this not the very gut responding posture of finding spiritual white space.  
That space of unmarked, agenda-free rest which allows the spiritual work God is doing with one's soul to shine forth in highlight.  
Artists get it. Architects use it. Creation screams it.
Stop. Chose slow. Look and hear. 

Give the eye, the heart, the soul a place to rest that glory might shine forth.
Leaning your body, your mind, your soul forward to rest; reaching hard for the worth of an unhindered glory to fill and flood and to overflow in the rhythms of our living. 
"You make me know the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forever more." Ps16:11

I lift my eyes again to this space, changing in beauty with each passing moment of the sun's heightening angle. 
My eyes seek out and run along the lines that moss traces between rows of brick. 
This soft green calls for the touch of finger or toe....undeniable invitation. 
We did not plant or water this firmly delicate growth.  We simply receive the gift of it. 
How can such living comfort arise so perfectly between the layers of hard set here? 

It is the space between, not wasted, not dangerous or shallow or selfish...
The space between gives definition, order, and provides for this unfolding moss-beauty.

My heart knows the same sweet grace; the positioned and guarded moments of spiritual white space set within the rigid calls of life and ministry; this inbetween which breeds the soft green of growth and comfort within my soul. 
Abba's gentle communion with me; a gift received.
The bricks mark out the path.  They lead visitors to the door, 

but it is the gentle moss that softens the walk, feeding beauty to the traveler and extending undeniable invitation. 
"Times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord..." Acts3:20

Bricks, a stoop, bright green moss streaming together in tangible affirmation that 
I am met here in the stopping, the slowing and the resting into moments between that bright glory-growth might be received; filling my soul with soft beauty to offer those He has called me to...

What about you, dear Grace-friend in this place? 

Where is Abba calling you to stoop and reach for spiritual white space? 
Is there a mundane place in your world, commonly used for something else, but where you might draw aside with Him just to see and note His glory displayed?

Are you allowing inbetween spaces within your heart, mind, or schedule where the bright soft beauty of simply knowing His presence might spring up and soften your path? 
Please know my hearts welcome to hear you share in this place...


  1. This is just lovely, Kelly. So glad I was your neighbor on Coffee for Your Heart Today. Your message here is something God has been continually laying on my heart lately, that there's joy and peace found in that space in-between. When I slow down in the glory of his presence and absorb the numerous gifts that are all around me, those are some of the most peaceful moments in my day. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Abigail! I, too, am glad you stopped by!
      Sister, I echo every word you wrote here regarding God's ongoing- work in drawing our souls near. There is a fullness I am learning taste in His presence, infinite abundance, always-welcomed...
      Blessings Sister....

  2. Sorry, I meant to say your neighbor on Tell His Story. Long night. ;-)

  3. This is beautiful and I love the verses- They are ones that the Lord is using in my life a lot this year! Thanks so much for sharing this! Glad I stopped by -(from Spiritual Whitespaces link up :)

  4. A beautiful illustration of grace. Thank you for sharing with us at #TellHisStory!