Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Grace Tidbit; Stewarded

Do you enjoy gathering the gifts Abba has placed at your fingertips,
arranging, and rearranging; creating, and beautifying spaces and places, sights and tastes?

Are your passions fabric and thread, mixing and seasoning,
organizing the hidden, clicking your shutter at beauty, or maybe pen on paper?
Do you find ways to gather what is already there; bringing the outside in to arrange a new look,
and new warm, and new message of welcome. 

How can you dwell your thoughts on your Abba, the people He's given you,
and then move your creative giftings to bless, warm, and love with a big love?
How can you find soul-rest a midst the busyness by creating?

The critics may site selfishness. Let them.
Abba calls it worship; this aligning with His design for us; this image-bearing in joyful stewarding. 

{A simple mantle made fresh in beckoning love with the simple of a new combination; some of the pretty display of our outdoors brought in. I like the way it communicates the heavy fullness of late Summer; the relaxed wanderings of a ride through the country while faint whispers of harvest begin to fall all around.}

What about you? What is your tidbit of grace to steward? Your gathering from your fingertips and arranging in fresh love; imaging your Abba's creative power?
I welcome you to share in this place...

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