Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sunday Link-Up {9-7-14}

Dear Reader in this place, 
With thought and hope for your encouragement, I have had so much joy in setting aside these treasures; messages of truth for your soul-refreshing. 
Links strung out in a bunting of beauty and grace for you!
May you be gathered by His steadfast love and faithfulness displayed here! 

Maybe it's that I can so clearly relate to Genna's view of God,
 {with my 11 yr old self, and my 17 yr old self, and my 25 yr old self... though happily not with my 32 yr old self.} 
Maybe it's having my own 9 and 7 and 4yr olds, and the similar conversations we've shared, but this analogy was creative and has stuck with me all week. 
I am with His Son. 

This Kindred, with all of her pouring-out wisdom and comfort inviting souls to cultivate spiritual white space;
a memoir-based work of word and wisdom art, which was used by Abba to draw me free in new ways.
{find your copy here}

{Make sure you click over to (in)courage where Bonnie completes her post beautifully!}

What happens when this dear faith-sister moves through her suffering by boldly bypassing false gospels, self-pity, and "the glad game" straight to the heart of Eden's garden and it's freeing truth. Empty arms or an overflowing heart? 

What if we all did this?

Was this the first week of school for your family like it was for our's? 
Another piece of truth-art by Bonnie Gray of faith barista about nurturing and guarding the health of your family's soul!

What about you, reading friends in this place?
Do you have a treasure~link to share? Something that God used for your blessing, another's gifting displayed through photos or words that spoke into your soul for good?
I would so welcome your comment and shared encouragement with us all in this place!

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