Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Grace-Links {{10•5•14}}

If you were here with me, dear readers in this place....
Here with me as I buy up these precious moments of resting with my people, 
eating good food, 
and of course enjoying the football fervor interspersed... 
{both on the big screen, and in the space of big stretching beyond our back windows where green is bright under blue skies. 
Autumn winds blow, and the boys of us, of church, and neighborhood, play with as much passion as the professionals they admire.} 
There could be additional mugs of steaming coffee resting next to mine at the life-scratched table. 
I would love to ask and hear your hearts, the bits of beauty and grace that touched your living with big mercy this past week. 
I would show you mine, and together we could laugh, nod, and wonder afresh at the joy in this pilgrimage pathway that leads us to deep and abiding hope....
I am happy to share with you words and pictures; the strands of communication beauty that have wound themselves through my heart and mind with truth, conviction, encouragement, and joy...
A bunting of beauty strung out...

In honor of "national coffee Day" celebrated this past Monday, 
{my favorite pictured above}
Coffee can be fine art; soul-stirring or at least mouth-watering! 

"You don’t have to worry: We all get to make one unforgettable mark. And every day, with every word, we get to decide: Do we mar the world, or mark the world?"
A post to bookmark and return to. 

They carry in their hearts a choosing, reaching, claiming love. Their wait will be rewarded with rich joy. All of us know the gospel with deeper taste because of knowing this expectant couple....

Have you or someone you know been wounded by the great sins of another? 
Our Avenger Restores what is lost. 
"...the gospel promises a God who himself is our avenger. He will bring ultimate justice that doesn’t merely seek an eye for an eye but promises true and full restoration of all that was lost." 

Because THIS is becoming such an important part of reaching-gospel love in our culture. Read. Discuss with your teens. Welcome opportunity to extend this type of community to those God brings across your path regardless of where they struggle with the gospel's call on their living! 

Because Wisconsin has been graced with some of Autumn's deepest beauty, and whether or not you're excited to be pulling out sweaters and lighting up your hearth, 
these captured evidences of God's creative glory bursting into color are thrilling!

And based on your response, the grace stewarded here with my clicking away at these keys to share my heart, struck a chord of deep relating in you.  
My joy has only multiplied with each comment, email, and conversation you have extended to me, dear readers in this place. 
You have spurred me on...
May we all continue to lean hard into the not-yet, already-here of grace right under our feet; 
making home, making family, living big into the unknown laid out before us...
Starting with the full calling of Monday in the morning....

be full on grace
rich in love
soul-resting in His unbroken presence

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