Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sunday Grace Links {{10•19•14}}

This post is going live later than usual. 
I have just revived from one of those rare deep nap times we momma's just sometimes need on a sunny Sunday afternoon; exhausted from wonderful!!  
My Favorite had stolen me away for 24 hours of marriage retreat with our sweet church Body and an amazing Ministry Couple shared with us by more church in Indy. We ate yummy, devoured encouragement, and really lost ourselves in being together. 
Today we rejoice in 12 years of marriage grace; our love, our purpose, our mission, and our crazy fun deeper than ever and still growing! There will be sweet celebrations with our three peoples tonight. 
So I'm happily distracted and a bit rambley, but not so much that I don't have some grace-links to share with you...
May God bless deeply your week's beginning...grab through these along the way or all at once and be encouraged, dear reader and fellow steward of grace!

This post takes and scours the soul with a call to an unflinching, by-the-fingernails, hold of faith, trust, and flat out continuing on. Her raw is real and therefore, powerful. Look at your wilderness differently! 
I love this!!! Even if you don't consider yourself "a reader", consider this opportunity to enter into the lives of others by acquainting yourself with what they are reading/thinking on! Nine times out of ten, it will hold much unexpected purpose for you too! 

Came across this incredible man's life story this week! I love that Mr Wieland is a WI native and worked for the Greenbay Packers, but his story more than inspired, it thudded into my heart with a humbling example of pressing on! 

I want to introduce you to one of my favorite online places to love on those Jesus loved-"the least of these."
Beautiful scarves, clothing, jewelry, and even lovies for the little ones in your life. All items are authentically handcrafted in Africa by women who are living with HIV/AIDS.
The profits provide for their medication and survival. Check it out and get started on your Christmas shopping! 

Because sometimes there's just really quirky breaking news....

Wow.....just wow, yes, and AMEN! 
And this woman's influence in my walk just keeps growing... 

Because Abba, sonship, adoption... 
It never wanes in stunning comfort and identity! 

Do you ever struggle with this? 
It is the place of communion that shines ever brighter as THAT day approached!!

It's here fellow Wisconsinites!!! 
Get out there and capture the vibrancy of creation in its Autumn season!!! 

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