Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Grace-Links {{10•12•14}}

A sweet Sunday afternoon to you, dear reading friend in this place! 
Perhaps your heart may find joy, your soul rich encouragement, 
and your mind delight in these bits of grace beauty that I've so enjoyed gathering up throughout the week....

{buddies! my sweet sis with her niece} 
Because October is national down syndrome  month, making one of my very dearest people a person of highlight!  {Marybeth is the only one of all nine of us to have an entire month for celebrating her perfect design.} 
We love her. 
This article lists accurate facts regarding down syndrome, but falls short in fully describing the unique propensities towards love and loyalty and affection which downs individuals possess.
They are truly some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met…

And because I adore words, their beauty and power, their ability to unearth and form story upon story within the human mind; giving voice to the living pulses of a soul. They are the oxygen of our very existence, spoken by The Word to give and sustain and be our life. I love to soak in the words of others strung out like this post; turning their meaning over and over in my mind. I love when they pour out of me into prayer, journal, conversation or into my keyboard... I think there will be much artistic word beauty going on in a heaven!

Because it's God's work, not house size, which enables hospitality. Have you ever felt that your home was too small or cramped to host others? 
Let the encouragement of this post sink in! 

I am falling in love with her work... Especially the above titled "Memory Lane" with it's then-and-now imagery.
Cindy Lesky's harvest-themed exhibit will be on display at The Iron Horse Hotel in the Third Ward on an upcoming weekend. {Local friends: Enjoy a browse of beautiful digital art and then some fine dining at the hotels eatery, "The Smyth".}

Have you heard of Brittany Maynard and her story advocating for assisted suicide, which she terms, "death with dignity"? 
One of my faith-heroines, Kara Tippets, who also lives out near-numbered days, responds with beautiful grace and live-offering truth. 
Read this post for its important stand but don't miss both of these women in their very real and raw journeys...and pray for both Brittany and Kara! 

I have come to love the doctrine of the ascension. When rightly understood and applied it casts a bright new hue of unique glory over every aspect of the gospel message and mission. I first had my eyes opened to its delight while reading "Found in Him" by Elyse Fitspatrick Summer 2013. 

A forthcoming new book by a preacher and author gifted with strong proclaiming of salvation and Christian living through grace alone. 
I have benefitted greatly from several of his titles. 

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