Monday, December 1, 2014

New Month Grace-Links {{december}}

Happy December
It's a sweet day; a generous day, bright with both cold temps here in WI, 
and the arrival of Advent season. 
This is a day for remembering in our family... 
Remembering the blizzard of 2006, which began the evening before and, for hours, pounded our lakeside community with enough fluffy white 
to break records and earn the city a snow day.

We did not stay in, however.
I remember the early morning hours as Steve and I picked our way through the growing billows of yet-unplowed roads toward the hospital and the approaching moments 
{just before 1pm} when Jaydon Paul, already a resident of our hearts, 
would enter our arms. 
He came incredibly fast and big, the most laid back and peaceful baby I have ever known. 
He smiled and cut teeth early, and has been the king of both funny and food 
around here ever since!

We love him!
The privilege of receiving him into our family is huge and treasured and 
leaves us always giddy with excitement for December's first day. 

Happy New Month to you, dear reader of this place...
This garland of grace-links holds tender, fun, sweet, and poignant stuff for the soul. 
May you enjoy.... 

This is the thing: Jesus is continually leading His true disciples into new places where we will be questioned, critiqued, even slandered and often within the church's walls... 
Because this gut-wrenching thing does happen. To us in a big way several years ago, and in smaller ways multiple times every season of ministry that we move through!  

A beautiful messy Christ-like love! 

And because mason jars are just where it's at...
look at all of these cute {some easy} ideas for using those jars this Christmas! 

Another easy, inexpensive, and beautiful project to get the whole family involved on. Because they're wood, the possibilities for staining, painting, decorating these pretty flakes are endless! 

Are you opening your home to others this Christmas season? 
Hospitality or Entertaining? You choose. They are not the same thing... 

Because this is for right now...our current. 
This is for then...His coming and this very real hope. 

I'm modeling my Christmas perspective after Kara's here, 
because really, it could be my last as much as it may be her's, 
and it's always about Presence! 

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