Sunday, November 2, 2014

New Month Grace-Links {{november}}

What better way to wish you a happy new month 
than to share with you some sweet little treasures of internet grace I've gathered... 

Feel free to bookmark this page, read through in one sitting, 

or revisit periodically for another slice of encouragement.... 
Copy what you like and share with another. Pass the joy on. Happy Reading!

Check it out...

This because we are all waiting on something in some way, 
and there are some big graces to be received in the stretch between! 

A book I am looking forward to reading this month! You might like it too. 
{click on the image for more info}

Make a different kind of list; one that helps you remember; 
one that dreams up worship. 

Because this montage makes such a powerful point, 
and really has churned up some deep pondering in my heart...
In Christ, the freedom that we have from vocational religiosity to simply BE in Christ,
 and yet how very easily we drift back toward an "on the job" presenting of ourselves far different than who we really are on our knees behind closed doors. 
Isn't the incredible favor and delight I am finding in Abba all about less contrast and more sameness between my appearance and reality! ?? So good for my soul! 

Some really sweet truth here, and Jennifer's book 
{Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval - and Seeing Yourself through God's Eyes}  is one to have on your wish list! Fantasticly authentic message proclaimed from a powerful platform! 

If you haven't already, check out this sweet giveaway and all of the beautiful products featured... {think Christmas shopping for loved ones}
you can enter the giveaway until Tuesday!!!

Whether you're assigned the green beans, the sweet potatoes, or the pecan pie....
there's a clean-eating recipe for that! 
Bless your loved ones with tasty AND healthy love! 

Everyone - especially our God - loves a good wedding story stitched out in beauty and sweet relationship mingled around highest celebration.  Maybe you have your own such story, or will one future day, but how fun to think of interweaving your favorite common graces into the big day.
It's a good thing for my daddy's wallet that I was not aware of

this amazing literature-themed wedding idea  when Steven and I married.
Now if you'll excuse me- 
must run start brainwashing my daughter!!! 

Are you thinking about teacher gifts yet? Thanksgiving and Christmas give us fun opportunities to demonstrate Christ's humble generosity to them, and honestly? 
How cool are these rubber stamps?? 

It'll be here at the end of this month....
Does Thanksgiving present possibility for difficulty or pain in your extended family interactions? In some way, it can for all of us. 

Well, there you have it, Dear Reading friend of this place... 

Some links to places of varied grace for your eyes, mind, and heart. 

Perhaps you have a grace-link to share...some small slice of the internet 
that God has used to  pour grace into your life.... 
Please feel free to share it with us in this place! 
Happy November -

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