Friday, January 9, 2015

The Whole Beautiful Thing of Oneness {{ a post about him }}

There are these moments of clarity..

His text this morning-
"Don't make the bed."
{there was more; a context}

Childcare and laundry, that was all he wanted, all that he was allowing.
Oh and words...he wanted me to do my consuming and constructing of words strung out...

His care for me - for the all of me. 
Washing, renewing, nurturing, refreshing, growing, wooing, meeting....
really a full tending.
It's like Jesus. 

And here in my thinking, my tapping out words; 
they all seem to circle back to him, begging me to give them voice.
If there was a mountain top nearby - from there.

The clarity hits....

Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, 
Today is the day that I fall in love with him again.
It's a deeper and not yet all at once; arrival and anticipation all tangled in happiness.

And I think that's the whole beautiful thing of oneness. 

I don't write songs, and I am even further from performing one. 
Others do both well, and so I send him one.
One that is true.

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