Friday, January 2, 2015

Musings on a Peculiar View {{a new year's post}}

It's a peculiar view for this New Year's start.
We welcome January from a particularly wonderful place of certain-uncertainty 
{or uncertain-certain?}. 

To stand here holding clear sight into a mist of unknown...
To feel strongly aware of what waits for us and where, but without a how, or when...
To be so unified on a particular hope {he & I} with so little "real information",
humanly speaking, but THAT'S JUST IT! 

We aren't speaking of a human call, and in that, 

we have everything firm and concrete to anchor our sights on,
and every reason not to be surprised by it all.

For it is God; THE GOD of  all things, always and everywhere, 
who has spoken this call into our walk. 
 {it's details currently kept between He and us}
Over the past 10 months,
{though He was preparing us long before that}, 
He has repeated it, affirmed it, and refined it from a vague wondering to a precise purpose, 
and at every juncture given such a tight unity { he & I}
that it has often left us speechless and wonder-giggling at the Spirit's power.

His call has come clear. 
Not as one we would not have thought to ask for, and though it still lacks a time-table, it unfurls strong before us.
Stretching out into these next 12 months like a lush green pathway running ahead into a soft and bright mist.

With just enough glory pouring out to fill our hearts in rays of anticipation and eagerness, and yet enough left hidden that we might remain expectant and trained by the Shepherd of our wait and wonder, the pathway ahead smacks of grace!

His call has come clear.
Years of faith-stretched and strengthened muscles now to move.
Seasons of equipping and tending to be launched on.

He has given us a purpose to press towards, 
yet we know that the fruit lies not in an "arrival", 
but in the very pressing-on-process itself. 

So we will press into each step of this pathway where there is beauty to gather all along the way. 
We do not seek to reach a destination 
{we are pilgrims in this place afterall}
but to know our Shepherd Guide all the more.  

Never before has a new year given this particular view, 
and yet always has each new year proved His faithfulness.... 
SO GOOD GRIEF- are we ever excited to mark and marvel at the start of 2015!!!

What about you? 
What does your New Year view hold? 

What is He speaking to you? 
Are you listening?
Are you starting out so that you will know Him more at the end?
Are you marking His hand enough to trace out the BIG grace and HUGE joy of it all???

"Let us know; let us press on to know the LORD.
His going out is as sure as the dawn.
He will come to us as the showers, as the Spring rains, that water the earth,"
Hosea 6:3

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