Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Servers

Two fellas.
Their jaws and lips aching. 
The pain med had been forgotten at home. 
She apologized over and over
because she felt horrible and kept imagining their growing discomfort. 
She's their mom and moms are supposed to be prepared.
She apologized again. 

Time moved along quickly; the comfort of a previous dose worn off, while little sister's gymnastics class seemed to stretch on forever. 

8 hours prior had seen them - 
the older courageously going first- 
take turns in the orthodontist's chair as brackets and wires were attached. 
Excited and terrified all at once. 
Their young understanding of God's trustworthy care sustaining them. 

She patted their legs now and then. (Maybe that was more for her own comfort than their's.)
They both hold more physical courage in their pinky fingers than she'll ever have!

No one -not even the orthodontist- knew they would be returning just four short hours later because two little brackets did not seal right. 
Their trustworthy Abba knew.
One fella braved the chair twice. 

Now finally returned home from all that the day held. 
New doses of med given.
They found her in tears. 
In the pantry. 

It was simple really. 
She had forgotten to buy bananas while at the grocery. 
That and there was the hard news with unfolding even harder implications. 
Daddy had heard first and told her. 
They had been praying a lot and waiting hard for several days.
They will be doing this for awhile. 

This was not the first time their "earth seemed to be moving into the sea" (ps46)! 
It would not be their last, but it was their now, and the tears had not fallen until the banana void was realized. 
They were falling now.

Enter grace! 
Rich and free and bulging with demonstration of His power-filled love!
Served up by young, but well equipped servers... 

One moved into action to finish sorting both the groceries (and the younger siblings) into their proper places, running his little sister her warm bath, and changing the laundry. 

The other rubbed his momma's sholders, offering tissue, set the dinner table, and prepared a salad. 

All this done with few words and interspersed with squeezes to silently remind her of their love. 
Their jaws and lips ached still. 
But the fellas moved outward towards her.

When the Hero arrived home, he was greeted by hot supper and laughter.
She was smiling, tears still fresh but now literal drops of humbled joy.
The brackets and wire were shown with the relieved pride of those who have been through a hard. 

There were still too few bananas 
and an "earth moving into the sea".
But there was grace. 
Rich and free. 
It's reminder strong of His might and sovereign ordaining. 

Served up -οικονόμος 
By two young fellas to their momma! 

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